Peru 2017


On 21 July 2017, 41 students set off on the long journey to Peru. Three aeroplanes later we arrived and began our 4-week long adventure. The first camp was at an altitude of 3,600m and the scenery was stunning. Peru is in its drought season so there was a water shortage and we needed bucket showers and there was no electricity so we had to rely on solar chargers. The project work was very humbling as we built bathrooms for families who did not yet have access to one. We met the local children from the community and played games with them. Week two involved a 75km trek over the Salkantay Trail all the way to Machu Picchu! This was hard work but the group bonded over the experience. The camps were in stunning locations and the views were once in a lifetime. Mules were used to carry our tents to the top. We started our final day at 5am to ensure we reached Machu Picchu before sunrise. Week three involved more project work where we finished off a community building for the pregnant women to use and receive education and care. The local playground was also cleaned and new climbing frames put in. This camp had running water and electricity which was now seen as a luxury! Our final week was at the beautiful Lake Titicaca where we had the opportunity to visit a floating island and stay overnight on a beach. We worked in a local school and finished off repairing a broken wall and digging a hole for a cesspit for the school toilets. The students all had a great time and can take pride in the impact they made on the local communities in Peru.