London Art Trip November 2018


The legendary London art trip took place on November 16th. All of the year 11, 12, and 13 artists and photographers set off first thing in the morning and headed off for a day photographing London life and visiting the world renowned Tate Galleries. The London art trip has been a fixture for over 15 years and is a highlight for many of our students. Our first walk for the photographers is along the Thames to the Palace of Westminster. Students can photograph the river and boats, the buses and taxis, the architecture and details. This year there were several opportunities to photograph Brexit interviews taking place in the gardens adjacent to the Houses of Parliament. After seeing the collections in Tate Britain, walk two takes us down the South Bank taking in the Globe Theatre and the street performers. This year’s favourite performance artist was the Poet for Hire – creating poetry for a donation.
As we left Tate Modern London put on a spectacular light show for us. Buildings and bridges were lit up against a foggy Thames opening up breath-taking, dramatic views. Students were taking photographs right until the end of the visit. The minute they were back in the studios they were downloading their work.