Bus Timetables

To Outwood Grange Academy

Departure Times:

  • Service OG1 – 07.30am from Stanley Royd via Rooks Nest Road.
  • Service OG2 – 07.29am from Kirkhamgate, Lindale Ln Via Flanshaw Hotel
  • Service OG3 – 07.39am from Peacock Estate Via Flanshaw Hotel
  • Service 175 – Swillington, Neville Gr via Woodlesford, Midland Hotel via Stanley, Lee Mount via Potovens Ln

Departure from Outwood Grange Academy

  • Service OG1 – 14.40pm to Rooks Nest Road via Stanley Royd.
  • Service OG2 – 14.40pm to Flanshaw Hotel via Kirkhamgate, Lindale Ln
  • Service OG3 – 14.40pm to Flanshaw Hotel via Peacock Estate
  • Service 175 – 14.40pm to Potovens Ln via Stanley, Lee Mount via Bottomboat via Moorhouse Estate
  • Service OG4 – 15.45pm to Flanshaw Hotel via Pinderfields Hospital via Stanley, Lane Ends View via Newton Lane Top

Conduct on journeys to and from the Academy by public transport

The journey to and from the Academy is an important part of the Academy day. If this journey is planned and carried out with care the start and finish of a child’s Academy day will be less stressful – which should help them to attain the greatest benefit from their education.