Key Stage 3

Music is a fun and exciting subject to study, and offers a unique way of communication. Music develops all the different learning model skills and qualities, which can be easily transferred to other subjects.
Students in year 7 and 8 are timetabled for one hour of Music a week and study a wide variety of music in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding. These will be developed through performing, composing and listening.
Students will focus on developing their instrumental skills on keyboard, ukuleles, singing, guitar and percussion, and will collaborate and work with others as musicians. Many of the units of work are taught using Musical Futures.
Homework will often relate to the appraisal of student’s own work and the work of others.

Overview of topics
Year 7
Unit 1 – Transition Project – ‘The Passenger’
Unit 2 – Instrumental Workshopping
Unit 3 – Rhythms around the world
Unit 4 – Starting to compose
Unit 5 – Film Music

Year 8
Unit 1 – Chords
Unit 2 – Blues
Unit 3 – Band skills
Unit 4 – Song writing
Unit 5 – Reggae

You can find more details of the course by following the link:
Musical Futures Site

Key Stage 4

Year 10 Music GCSE – Edexcel
This course is 30% solo and ensemble performance, 30% composition and 40% listening examination based on four areas of studies including Popular music, Non-Western music and Classical music.

Area of Study 1
And the glory of the Lord
Mozart symphony no 40

Area of Study 2
Electric Counterpoint
Something’s coming

Area of Study 3
All blues
Why does my heart feel so bad

Area of Study 4
Indian Raga
Rag Desh version 1
Rag Desh version 2
Rag Desh version 3
Sky Waulking song

Year 9 Music GCSE
Students will study the following: =
Performing – Spring 2018
This will account for 30% of your marks and is teacher assessed. You will perform two pieces, a solo and an ensemble on an instrument/voice of your choice, in any style you wish.
Composition – Summer 2018
Again this will account for a 30% of your marks and is teacher assessed. You produce two compositions or arrangements using the music software in the music technology suite.
Appraising – Summer 2018
Four areas of music have to be studied. These include Instrumental Music 1700 – 1820, Vocal Music, Music for Stage and Screen and Fusions. There are set works to study from these areas including music by Beethoven and Queen, music from Star Wars and the musical ‘Wicked.


2016 Results – 79% A*-C – Over the National Average

You can find more details of the course by following the link:
Edexcel Music GCSE site

Key Stage 5

AS Music – Edexcel
This course is delivered in 3 units components:

Component 1 – Performing
You will take part in a public performance of one or more pieces, performed as a recital. Performances can be playing or singing solo, in an ensemble, improvising, or realising music using music technology. The total performance time across all pieces must be a minimum of 6 minutes.

Component 2 – Composing
You will create a total of two compositions, one to a brief set by the examination board and one either free composition or also to a brief. Each composition must be at least 2 minutes in duration.

Component 3 -Appraising – AS 80/A2 100 Marks (40%)
90 minute examination with a total of 80 marks. There are two sections in the examination. Section A is marked out of 45 and contains four questions. Three of the questions will be based on extracts from the set works and the other question will be on dictation. Section B is marked out of 35 including one essay question on an unfamiliar piece of music and one essay chosen from three optional questions on a set work.

2013 – 100% A-D.
2014 – 100% A-C. 60% A-B.
2015 – 100% A-D.
2016 – 100% A-D

You can find more details of the course by following the link:
Edexcel Music AS/A2 Site

A2 Music – Edexcel
This course is delivered in 3 units:
Extended Performance – students will perform on an instrument or voice for 12-15 minutes (30%).
Composition and Technical Study – students will compose two compositions in response to briefs set by the exam board, or complete two technical studies (30%). You can also opt to complete one composition and one technical exercise.
Further Musical Understanding – Students will take a written examination (40%) testing knowledge of set works and aural perception.

2013 – 100% A-E.
2014 – 100% A-E.
2015 – 100% A-C.
2016 – 83 A-D.

You can find more details of the course by following the link:
Edexcel Music AS/A2 Site

A2 Music Technology – Edexcel
Students will create a portfolio consisting of a multi-track recording, a sequenced integrated performance and a composition incorporating music technology (60%).
There is also an examination testing the student’s ability to manipulate and correct recorded music. They will also be tested on their ability to produce a balanced stereo mix.

2013 – 100% A-D. 57% gained A-B.
2014 – 100% A-B.
2016 – 100 A-D

You can find more details of the course by following the link:
Edexcel AS/A2 Music Technology Site

R Larder – Second in Performing Arts (with responsibility for Music)
A Wilby – Teacher of Music
N Rutter – Teacher of Music Technology/Music Technician
P Machon – Woodwind teacher
R Rowe – Brass teacher
R Younger – Percussion/Drum Kit teacher
S Roberts – Singing and Piano teacher
J Eke – String teacher
C Tillyard – Guitar teacher