Richard Larder

Associate Vice Principal – Deep Learning

I started my teaching career as a peripatetic music teacher working in Wakefield and Barnsley before moving into classroom teaching at Edward Sheerien School in Barnsley in 2005. I moved through middle leadership quickly from Head of Performing Arts to become Director of Specialism in 2008.
I moved to Carlton Community College, now Outwood Academy Carlton, and became a Leader of Learning managing the schools two specialisms of Performing Arts and Science before being promoted to Assistant Principal in 2011 in charge of Curriculum, Standards and Assessment. I moved into the private business sector for a short time in 2013 before returning to my vocation of education joining Outwood Grange Academy in January 2016.
I relish the opportunity to work in a forward thinking, vibrant, outstanding academy and trust where all staff and stakeholders are committed to ensuring the best education, outcomes and life chances for our students.