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“The whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Sir Michael Wilkins - Academy Principal and Chief Executive

Train to Teach with Outwood Teaching School Alliance

The Outwood Teaching School Alliance offers a training programme which seeks to develop outstanding teachers who consistently put students and children first in all that they do. As a large alliance of over 45 schools, we work with a range of partners to deliver a rich programme of experiences which ensures all of our School Direct student teachers enjoy the very highest quality of training; our belief is that every School Direct student teacher will have a huge impact upon and significantly improve the life chances of our pupils.

Latest News

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    Music for Youth - Wakefield Regional

    Following on from 'Function Band' and Hannah and Grace Ward's performances two weeks ago, another 29 students represented the Academy in the Wakefield Music for Youth regional event on Saturday 29th March.


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    Prime Minister's Question Time

    Tom Eaton a former pupil here at Outwood Grange Academy has recently won the opportunity to watch Prime Minister's Questions live in the House of Commons.


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    Chickens named.

    Hundreds of names entries have been sifted through this afternoon and the final 6 chicken names have been chosen. The chickens are now wearing coloured bands on their legs so that we can tell them apart.


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    DNA necklaces

    As part of the National Science and Engineering Week celebrations students from KS3 and KS4 extracted their own DNA and put it into a necklace to keep.


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    Chickens update

    All 6 of our eggs hatched into beautiful baby chicks. S13 is becoming a very popular room at break time and before and after the Academy day with students and staff. The chickens are going home with Mrs Blackmore for the weekend and will be staying in the Academy for one more week after that. Students have entered a name competition and the 6 winning chicken names will be revealed on Tuesday.