Enrichment Activities Information

To complement our students’ academic study, we provide a wealth of support, guidance and engagement opportunities that enrich our students’ educational experience and support their learning. It is not always possible to find a quiet area at home to complete work and therefore extended learning is not simply viewed as an out of school activity.

Any activity that broadens our students’ experience, knowledge and understanding will extend their learning be it home learning or learning beyond the classroom in the school setting. Our academy provides a wide range of extended learning opportunities including access to a variety of on-line learning programmes, intranet subject resources, small group catch up interventions, after school academic support sessions and well planned homework to enable students to extend and complement their learning.

To extend our students experience we provide a programme of trips, visits, events, commemorations and charity work. We operate student engagement programmes including an excellent programme of elective after school enrichment activities providing a bespoke programme of sporting, performance, craft, social and academic opportunities. Students are also encouraged to engage in programmes such as Student Voice, Pledges, Sustainability or become Anti-bullying and Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors etc.

There is a wealth of sporting, performance and academic competition engaging students at academy, local, Trust and national levels. Students’ efforts and participation both in and outside of school are validated and acknowledged through the strong praise culture fostered by our academy. Our Trust is currently developing our comprehensive Outwood Honours Programme to encourage and acknowledge our students participation in both our elective curriculum and activities beyond the classroom. We look forward to introducing this in the near future.

This term we are offering the following clubs so come and join in the fun.
OGA Enrichments

Year 7 & 8 Maths Homework
Here you will find the information needed for students in Y7 and 8 to complete their Maths homework. This will be set each week for students to complete on the Sparx website. Please take a few moments to watch the video, so that you can support your child with their homework.

Sparx Video for Parents.

Students in Y9, 10 and 11 will continue to have their homework set on Hegarty Maths. 

Homework for all year groups will be set every Thursday, beginning on Thursday 23rd September and will be due the following Thursday.

KS3 Masterclasses

Masterclasses Go Live - 8 November 2021
We are delighted to launch the second round of OGAT Masterclasses for students in Key Stage 3. Masterclasses are an enrichment activity designed to inspire students to go further in their learning journeys. Taught by the best teachers across the Central region, our Masterclasses are an excellent way to stretch and challenge students as well as helping them to develop a real love of learning.

Find out more!
Masterclasses are available to students in Years 7-9 and can be accessed through our dedicated Google Site. To find out more, visit the Masterclass website; learn how this programme works and how students can get involved! https://sites.google.com/outwood.com/ks3-ogat-masterclasses/home

Masterclass Awards
Students will be rewarded each half term for completing Masterclasses: our Bronze award is for students who complete 3 Masterclasses, Silver is awarded to students who complete between 4-8 Masterclasses and those who complete 9-10 Masterclasses will achieve Gold.

To find out more about our Masterclass programme, students should speak to their teachers.

For parents/carers here is a short video explaining further how the sessions will work https://youtu.be/f9tqWJy4kIg