During the summer of 2021 we ran a Summer School. The objectives of our Summer School programme were as follows:

  • To raise achievement in the core academic subjects of Maths, English & Science through accessing high quality, creative and practical activities.
  • To improve the emotional well-being of young people leaving primary and transitioning to secondary school through the creation of meaningful enrichment opportunities.
  • To build self-belief, resilience and character in all students who attend the Summer School

The aims of our summer school were;

  • To deliver a range of activities that focus on self-awareness, resilience, self confidence that improve teamwork and social skills.
  • To deliver high quality, creative and practical sessions for students to improve numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Students enjoy new experiences and for some to re engage with learning.

To learn more information and to read the Summer School Report, please click on the link below.
Summer School Report 2021