Exams and Revision

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Examinations Instructions 2019/2020

Information for former students when collecting certificates

From 8th March 2021 Exam Certificates from Summer 2020 are available to collect via appointment only. Appointments can be made by emailing exams@grange.outwood.com.

If you are unable to collect your certificates yourself, you may nominate someone to collect them on your behalf, but we must have a letter of authorisation, signed by yourself, before we can issue your certificates. Please note as certificates belong to the student, we cannot accept authorisation from parents. Written permission from the student will be required if you are collecting certificates on their behalf.

Certificates will be held at the Academy for three years and then will be returned to the exam boards. If you have certificates to collect from 2017 onwards please make an appointment to do so.

Examination Information – Disqualification Warning

The examination season is fast approaching and, as we are now living in a digital age policing examinations is becoming increasingly difficult.

As examination awarding bodies treat the possession of unauthorised materials in examinations as an extremely serious offence I would like to draw your attention to a number of items that are strictly not allowed in an examination.

For examinations students must not have in their possession any of the following unauthorised materials:






The possession of any unauthorised items, such as a mobile phone or a smartwatch, is regarded as a serious offence and could result in DISQUALIFICATION from the examination and overall qualification.

*As an Academy we do not want to ban students from wearing watches in examinations as some have done, but, as smartwatches become more readily available we are asking you not to bring any of the above items into examinations.

Any mobile device found on a student during an examination will be confiscated and reported to the examination body as ‘suspected malpractice’ as instructed by the examination regulations.

Leaving The Examination Room

Once you have entered the examination room you are not allowed to leave until the end of the examination.

All students will be given the opportunity to use the toilet facilities before the start of your examinations. This will be given once assembled in Academy Hall for your attendance mark.
Please ensure you use this opportunity, as, once seated at your examination desk you are not allowed to leave the room until the end of your examination.

If you have a medical issue which requires you to use the toilet more frequently you will need to be issued with a medical pass from the nurse; this should be placed on your desk so that the invigilators are aware of this need, you must then raise your hand to attract the attention of the invigilator who will escort you to the nearest facilities.

If you were to become ill during the examination you must raise your hand and attract the attention of the invigilator who will escort you from the room and call for assistance from the nurse. The examinations officer will be called and will discuss options with you for completing your examination.

All students that leave an examination room must be escorted by a member of staff.

If a student leaves the examination room unescorted they will not be allowed to return to the examination room.